Why Food Delivery is better than Eating Out?

If you are so busy during the day and you want to eat, is it better to have food right to your home or to go and eat at a restaurant? Well, I guess the answer is obvious that having the food delivered to your door is better than waiting in a line at the restaurant to have your meal. But actually this is not the only reason why food delivery is one of the best things of our generation. Let’s see the reasons and then you can make your decision properly.

1. Long queues:
No one likes to wait; imagine the situation that you are waiting for food. Now is it better to go to a restaurant where you have to wait or just relax at home and wait until the delivery agent brings the food to you? You can relax at home; watch your favorite TV show while enjoying your meal.

2. Traffic:
It is a different kind of queues. Traffic in big cities takes hours so if you are hungry, you will literally starve while you are in the traffic. Instead, you can order food while going home by your mobile phone or car phone and by the time when you are home, the food will be too.
Parking is another problem to avoid getting out of the meal. Do you know how expensive parking is these day?

3. Weather:
Imagine these days when the weather makes it impossible to get out of the home. The delivery services agents know how to deal with the weather problems while you don’t so just order food and they will deliver it hot and fresh no matter what.

4. Variety:
ordering food from a menu at a restaurant limits the options. You have to choose from the dishes at the menu. When you call a delivery service, they give you a list of restaurants that they deal with and from which you can order what you want.

5. Table manners:
When you are out at a restaurant, you have to be fully committed to the table manners despite the fact that you are hungry and may be starving; you have to. At home, no one will judge you. Eat the way you want; it is OK. There are no people who will look at you badly if you ate fried chicken with your hands.

6. Time-saving:

The delivery will take some time to come with the food but you are not driving, you are at home. Ask the delivery agent about the estimated time for the delivery to come home and do whatever you want. You can take a shower or cook something to eat with the meal you have ordered. You can prepare where you will eat and watch episodes of your favorite show. You are home, do whatever you want.

7. The fees:
The delivery services fees are less than the fees at the restaurants. The only problem is that you need to know the actual price of the food and the price of the delivery service while you are ordering. That is important not to think that the delivery people are cheating on you.

The Top 4 Food Delivery Apps

Imagine this situation with me, you are an employee at a major corporation and at the lunch break your boss orders you not to leave your office until you finish your work. You are starving and there is none to bring you food and of course you can’t leave. This situation happens nearly every day at most of companies. The solution is pretty easy; Download the best food delivery apps on your smartphone and just order food.
Here are the top food delivery apps.

4. Seamless:
One of the best food delivery apps ever. You will order your food through few clicks. Just choose what you want to eat and order with no hidden extra fees.
The app has the following features.
• You can search easily for your favourite foods. If you want to have pizza on lunch, just search for pizza and you will have the full list of nearby pizza restaurants. Choose the restaurant and order your pizza.
• You can pre-order your meals. Busy days will not allow you to choose so instead of waiting for food just place what you will order in advance.
• Express reorder feature will allow you to order your favourite foods faster.
The app is free but each restaurant has its estimated fees.

3. Grubhub:
One of the most beloved applications. The app has partners from different restaurants so you will order want you want easily and you will have it quickly. If you want to try new restaurants, it will help you a lot as it will give you a full list of places where you can try certain foods that you love most.
There are also the express reorder feature and the pre-order meals feature.
What makes this app unique is the payment method. You can pay using your credit card, PayPal or whatever you use to pay. The app and the restaurants that it deals with accept any sort of payment.
The app is free but the restaurants have delivery fees.

2. DoorDash:
This app may not be as popular as the previous two but it offers some special offers that no other app offers.
The app can filter the restaurants in your place to help you choose the best place of them. It uses the following features to filter the places.
• Customer satisfaction ratings based on the reviews of the previous customers to the place.
• Restaurant popularity according to the number of its customers.
• Delivery time.
• The quality of the food.
This feature is called DoorDash Delight scoring system.
The fee differs according to the restaurant. The price includes the meal, delivery fees, and an optional tip.

1. UberEats:
We all like Uber and trust it regarding our drives but can we trust it to bring our foods too? Well, the answer is yes. What makes this app unique is that it has some features that do not exist in the rest of apps like estimated delivery times and cashless transactions.
It charges a 5 dollars delivery fee.

These apps are essential if you go through a lot of busy days. It will save the day and also you can use them to make your life a lot easier regarding where to eat.

The Benefits of Hiring a Third Party Food Delivery Services

Now the food industry have changed. The services are not only between the restaurant and the customers anymore but there is another player in the industry now called the food delivery services. If you have a restaurant, you may ask what the benefits of hiring a third party food delivery services are. You have your place and your customers so what will the delivery services add to your business? Let me tell you that dealing with a delivery services has a lot of benefits that will make you earn as much money and many customers as your actual place. Let’s see the main benefits of hiring a third party food delivery services.

1. New customers:
The food delivery services deal with a lot of restaurants. When you hire a food a delivery service this means that they will have your menu and will be among the menus that they offer to their customers. Your new customers do not have to come to your restaurant; your food will reach them through the delivery service.
Gaining new clients through delivery is not only about this part but also that they will pay your place actual visits and try out your meals if they like it that much so you will win by two ways.

2. Costs:
If you had thought of opening a delivery service as an expansion for your business, perhaps you need to think more and you will definitely choose to hire a food delivery service.
If you decided to open the expansion, you need a vehicle, a driver and a lot of money to pay for both of them.
Hiring a food delivery business to handle this part will is cheaper than doing it by yourself and you need to focus on running your actual business not the both businesses.

3. Administrative tasks:
Imagine a crowded day at your restaurant. The restaurant is full with customers and there are more customers coming who want their food immediately. Your staff starts to get extremely exhausted and they have energy just to serve the people at the restaurant then a customer called and wants a delivery meal. Now as the manager of the place, you have to make someone who is extremely exhausted go for t a drive to make a delivery.
Instead of having this complicated situation, the food delivery services will take your orders to your customers. There are no more administrative tasks.

4. It meets your customer’s needs:
Imagine that one of your regular customers wants to have a meal but also he does not want to come to your place. This happens a lot; this feeling that we don’t want to cook and we don’t want to go anywhere; we just want a meal from our favorite place right now.
If your restaurant has a contract with a food delivery service, now the problems of these customers are solved. They will just call order and have their meals delivered to their locations to enjoy them.