If you are so busy during the day and you want to eat, is it better to have food right to your home or to go and eat at a restaurant? Well, I guess the answer is obvious that having the food delivered to your door is better than waiting in a line at the restaurant to have your meal. But actually this is not the only reason why food delivery is one of the best things of our generation. Let’s see the reasons and then you can make your decision properly.

1. Long queues:
No one likes to wait; imagine the situation that you are waiting for food. Now is it better to go to a restaurant where you have to wait or just relax at home and wait until the delivery agent brings the food to you? You can relax at home; watch your favorite TV show while enjoying your meal.

2. Traffic:
It is a different kind of queues. Traffic in big cities takes hours so if you are hungry, you will literally starve while you are in the traffic. Instead, you can order food while going home by your mobile phone or car phone and by the time when you are home, the food will be too.
Parking is another problem to avoid getting out of the meal. Do you know how expensive parking is these day?

3. Weather:
Imagine these days when the weather makes it impossible to get out of the home. The delivery services agents know how to deal with the weather problems while you don’t so just order food and they will deliver it hot and fresh no matter what.

4. Variety:
ordering food from a menu at a restaurant limits the options. You have to choose from the dishes at the menu. When you call a delivery service, they give you a list of restaurants that they deal with and from which you can order what you want.

5. Table manners:
When you are out at a restaurant, you have to be fully committed to the table manners despite the fact that you are hungry and may be starving; you have to. At home, no one will judge you. Eat the way you want; it is OK. There are no people who will look at you badly if you ate fried chicken with your hands.

6. Time-saving:

The delivery will take some time to come with the food but you are not driving, you are at home. Ask the delivery agent about the estimated time for the delivery to come home and do whatever you want. You can take a shower or cook something to eat with the meal you have ordered. You can prepare where you will eat and watch episodes of your favorite show. You are home, do whatever you want.

7. The fees:
The delivery services fees are less than the fees at the restaurants. The only problem is that you need to know the actual price of the food and the price of the delivery service while you are ordering. That is important not to think that the delivery people are cheating on you.